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I’ve been experimenting with different story lengths and recently ran into a contest by Gotham Writers. Their contest is called the “Very Short Story Contest” and mandates the entire story may be at most 10 words. They’ve based the contest on the Baby Shoe story often credited to Ernest Hemingway.

We’ve all heard the possible versions of what he wrote:
For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

And the other often mentioned with it:
For sale: wedding dress, never worn.

This 10-word (or less) writing exercise is used at all levels of writing from 2nd graders to graduate students. It pushes the author to reveal enough for the reader to fill in the remainder of the story. Intrigued, I threw my story into the ring. This is not a winner, nor an honorable mention, but a fun attempt.

My Submission:

Rings found at Sal’s Pawn.
I understand. All is forgiven.


Check out their contest website. It lists the Winner and Honorable Mentions; they’re great!

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