Story Philosophy


Allow me to confess my addiction. I’m addicted to stories. Regardless of the medium, a book, television show, movie, graphic novel, collection of short stories, flash fiction, music, etc. , if it’s a good story, then I’m hooked. Sometimes it’s the characters, the place, or a concept; other times it’s the challenges, the history or the created world.

In grammar school I read all the Nancy Drew volumes at the library less the four unavailable. In fact, my first book report on The Message in the Hollow Oak provided me with a valuable lesson. I learned, when searching for a few more words to achieve the minimum number needed, never add the concluding line “It was a good book because I like oak trees.”  At the time I didn’t think it good material but the deadline loomed.

Currently I’m reading a zombie series (I don’t like zombies) but the story is too interesting to resist. I’m also writing. One courageous day I’ll share some.

Lastly, I believe stories show a past world, a present world and a plausible future world, despite genre or length. Readers travel on the wings of a good story, however better and worse journeys can occur. To that end, I don’t read, write or review stories with excessive “on screen” violence, sex or victimization as these three areas often devolve into graphic, unnecessary, and gratuitous versions of their possible better selves.


***When possible all my book reviews have a hyperlink to a Kindle preview so that you may check each book out for yourself!